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Startup India – Creating Entrepreneurs

What is Startup India? “A startup is not just about mobiles and laptops. It does not only mean a company with billions of dollars and 2,000 employees. If it is able to provide employment to even five people, it would help in taking the country forward,” – said PM Shri Modi. It is a mission

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7 Reasons To Incorporate A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

LLP Formation-Easy and Online As compared to a private company, the number of compliances are lesser in case of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). It is very easy to form a LLP, as the process is very simple as compared to Companies and does not involve much formality. There is less paperwork as incorporating it can be

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7 reasons to Incorporate a Private Limited Company

A private limited company is a type of privately held small business entity that limits owner’s liability to their shares in major. In forming a new Limited Company, you are creating something new that is yours to grow and develop. Listed here are advantages of Private Company. 1. Team Building Easy to attract quality workforce

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