Service Tax Returns

Service Tax Returns

Persons or entities liable to pay service tax or having service tax registration must file service tax returns – Form ST-3 or Form ST-3A. Service tax returns are due half-yearly. Calculation should be carefully done so as to claim “Input Service Tax Credit”. Service tax payment must be paid by entity electronically or manually on the respective due date. The due date for payment of service tax collected is determined based on the type of business entity. Even if you don’t have any revenues, you still need to file returns as NIL by October 25 (for April to September) and by April 25 (for October to March). Before this filing, however, all your service tax dues need to be cleared. Failure to pay service tax or file service tax returns by the due date would result in penalties.

What you get

  • Service Tax calculation done based on your accounting / invoicing
  • Getting your amount payable before every due date
  • Filing your Returns for 2 half years
  • Expert consultation on Service Tax

Rs.1000/- for NIL return [Everything included]

Rs.2999/- for other returns [Everything included]

Time Line: 5 working days
Location: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane


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