Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company

First and foremost benefit of doing business via a Pvt Ltd Co is the limited liability conferred upon the company’s directors and shareholders. Easy availability of outside funding through a bank loan, equity or debt funding makes Pvt Ltd Co a most popular legal structure of business in India. Stakeholders like bankers, creditors, customers, etc have more confidence in a Pvt Ltd Co vis-a-vis a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), One Person Company (OPC) or General Partnership.

What you get

  • 1 Digital Signature Certificate of a director – 2 years validity (DSC)
  • 3 Director Identification Numbers (DINs)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association – 5 copies
  • Name Approval of company
  • PAN & TAN of company

Rs. 13999 [Everything included]

Time Line: 15 ‐ 20 working days




What is a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

a digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally. It is required to be affixed on the incorporation forms.

What is a Director Identification Numbers (DIN)?

It is an unique Identification Number allotted to an individual who intends to be appointed as director of a company. An individual should not have more than on DIN.

What is a Memorandum of Association (MOA)?

MOA is a fundamental document of the company. It states the main and the ancillary objects of the company i.e. for what business is the company incorporated. The activities of the company are bound by its MOA and any activity done ultra‐vires of the MOA it may attract penalty.

What is a Articles of Association (AOA)?

AOA is an internal document of the company. It the rules and regulations for internal conduct of day to day business of the company.

What is a PAN?

PAN is a unique 10 character alpha‐numeric identifier for Indians, especially for those who pays Income Tax. It is an important proof of Identification.

What is a TAN?

TAN is a unique 10 character alpha‐numeric identifier for those Indian companies who has to deducts TDS / TCS [Deduct or collect tax on payments made by them.]

What is the minimum / maximum numbers of shareholders required in the company?

Minimum two shareholders and Maximum 200 shareholders

What is the minimum / maximum numbers of directors required in the company?

Minimum two directors and Maximum 15 directors

How to chose a name for the company?

You have to choose a unique name which doesn’t match with any existing company and is structured in accordance with the guidelines issued by ROC

How will BizExpress incorporate my company, if we are in different cities/states?

Company incorporation is an online process which can be done from anywhere. We will require a complete and clear set of documents as per our checklist.

Is the physical presence of the directors required during the company registration process?

No physical presence of directors is not required

Can other company be a shareholder in the company?

Yes, a company can be a shareholder in another company. The process of purchasing shares can be done by authorising a director in this regard.

Can a salaried person be a shareholder / director in the company?

There is no restriction by Government in this regard, but the terms of engagement in current employment has to be checked thoroughly.

What is a authorized share capital?

It is the maximum money the company can raise through sale of shares. Minimum authorized share capital is Rs.100000/‐ You can increase the authorized share capital of the company, any time after the company is incorporated.

What is a paid‐up share capital?

A company may not issue its full authorized share capital by keeping balance authorized share capital as reserves for future use. The amount of shares issued is known as paid‐up share capital. Minimum paid‐up share capital is Rs.100000/‐

Can the registered address be the residential address? or Is a commercial address required as a registered address of the company?

Your residential address can be used as a registered address of the company. A commercial address proof is not compulsory.

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